Got Covid-19 🦠

Last week, me and my wife got covid-19...

While being sick and not having much energy to do anything, I gave The Terminal List a try as I heard some good opinions about it.

It turned out to be quite good actually! I recommend you giving it a try if you have some free time.

Also, lately I have been watching a lot of documentaries, mostly about hiking, alpinism and wild life. I will probably write my next blog post containing a list of my most favorite documentaries to watch, Trust me, you will love them!

Until then, have a great week ahead! 😊

💬 Let me know what are you watching now?

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Best JRE Episodes (2022)

This list will be updated each time I find an episode I really liked!

I have been listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast for a few months now and I have been enjoying it to the point of maybe listening too much to it!? 😅

Anyway, here is the list! 👇

JRE Episodes (sorted by most liked)

As I said, this list will be updated every time I find a new episode I really like and think it's worth including.

Considering the amount of episodes I listen to every week, (which is a lot 😅) this list will be updated quite frequently, so make sure to keep an eye on this post by bookmarking me! 👆

💬 Let me know what's your favorite JRE episode?

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I got injured again! 🤦‍♂️

Yesterday was one of those days for me when just things do go your way!


I started practicing BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) 🤼‍♂️ a few weeks ago and I started to really love it! It's a very addictive sport and also super challenging both physically and mentally.

What I love the most about BJJ is the skill-learning path. I love starting something new and mastering a skill. I think is very important to have this mindset and practice it as you will stay open to new opportunities and also you will be able to solve more problems, more efficient.

The injury

Anyway, the reason yesterday sucked, was that I got an injury when sparring with a partner. Partially it's my fault because I knew that he was a lot heavier than me and probably it wasn't very smart to spar with him. Choosing a partner that's more my size and weight probably was smarter than choosing someone that's almost 2 times heavier... 🤦‍♂️

The injury I got was in my chest area. I believe I bruised a rib when my partner rolled on me with all his weight. I tapped immediately as I was feeling very uncomfortable, but the pain kinda persisted. I don't believe I broken my rib, more so, bruised it. I tried to find a doctor the same day to see how severe is the injury, but unfortunately, they are closed on the weekends and apparently on Monday too as it's a national holiday... 😕

I felt like a failure and a loser as I now have to take a break from BJJ and recover. I feel like every time I start something I really like, something gets in the way and prevents me from doing what I love.

Back in 2020

The same thing happened with Scuba Diving. In 2020, while I was training for my Open Water Diver license, I got DCS (Decompression Sickness) that took me to recover almost 6 months, after which I didn't dive anymore as I was more susceptible to getting DCS again. The plan was to take Nitrox (can prevent DCS) course and dive with Nitrox using the decompression schedule for air diving, but I didn't get the chance to do it for reasons I still have don't know (excuses/fear).

So what now?

I really love Scuba Diving and BJJ, but injuries like this make me feel like my body is so weak and I can't accomplish my goals fully...

Today I woke up and decided to take things slowly, I did a 15 min stretch going way slower than I usually do and just focusing on what my body needs and what feels good. After, I did a 10 min meditation which opened my eyes a little bit wider and made me realize that I am in this for the long-term and not short-term.

Injuries in Scuba Diving and BJJ happen all the time. Instead of looking at it to stop me from doing it, I try to look at it as being a part of the sport itself.

The mental game

More than physically, this is a mental game! Just look at UFC. Fighters sometimes lose a very big fight just because of an Ankle Sprain. I bet they must get very frustrated. It's just the part of the game. The thing that matters is how you respond to it, do you lose hope and just stop doing it altogether or do you recover and try again?

My mind was telling me to take a rest and not go to BJJ classes as I obviously cannot spar. I didn't want to go, because deeply I am afraid of what others will think about me when seeing that I cannot spar. They might think I am weak and over-sensitive. You see, this is another excuse our mind plays with us.

I could just show up and watch the training, I could still learn something good from it. Not only that, I can turn that into something more powerful!

How many beginners when they get injured actually go back to training and face the awkwardness and the feelings that make you feel like you suck?

That's the strength, showing up and facing your demons, being patient and spending more time stretching, and using that time to learn something else. That's the real strength because you can control those things! David Goggins calls this "taking souls" and I highly relate to that!

Things happen in life, you get injured, you fail an exam, you have to start all other again! It's about what do you do about it, do you crumble and cry to yourself about how life sucks (which I allow myself 5-10 minutes sometimes 😅) or you take actions in how to overcome these challenges?

The realization

The truth is, I really want to go and actually spar, but if that can lead to aggravating my injury which would make my recovery even longer, I would better take time off and recover properly. Don't get me wrong, I will still do as much as I can with the situation I am in now...

I am just 25 y.o and I have a lot of time to practice BJJ again, 4-6 weeks won't matter that much if I play the long-term game.

This doesn't mean I figured everything out. I still don't want to go tomorrow to my BJJ class and have to face those demons, but I will!

If you reached the end, I really salute you and hope you found it useful, inspiring, motivational, whatever it is as long as it helps you! 🙏

How to Build Resilience

I actually talked about "How to Build Resilience" in one of my recent podcast episodes with Brock Predovich, one of my very good friends and long-term business partner 🤝.

We went on a whole emotional roller coaster journey with Brock talking about Entrepreneurship, Anxiety, Depression, Family, Traveling and how we managed to overcome those obstacles. We were very vulnerable about our journey in hopes to help other people who might be struggling with the same things.

Make sure to check it out 👇 if you think those topics resonate with you. 😊

Until then, I wish you an amazing week and see you next time! 🙂

💬 Let me know how do you deal with obstacles in your life!

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Trying something new 🥃

Hey everyone! 👋

Just a quick update on my personal life

We arrived in Romania 2 weeks ago and last 2 weeks we spent with my dad in the mountains. We were lucky that the snow was still there, so we managed to take some amazing shots!

Bucegi Mountains

Bucegi Mountains, Romania

This week we are taking a break on travel as our feet are very sore... 😁

And that's what motivated me to come up with a special "date" for me (Me Time).

Currently, I am still deciding on which day to do it, Friday or Saturday 🤔, but either way, It's 2-3 hours spent by myself doing things I really enjoy and wait for it! 🥁 Sipping on some good whiskey. 🥃

I am not much of a drinker, but I like to taste good drinks like red wine and whiskey. I went with the best reviewed whiskey on reddit for it's price, starting from the bottom up: Evan Williams.

I tried to sip it just on the rocks, but it's quite strong, so I made myself an Old Fashioned Cocktail which turned out to be quite good!

Old Fashioned Cocktail

I am restricting myself to just one cocktail a week, so my little hobby doesn't turn into something else... 😬

So far, I am enjoying my Me Time while listening to this The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 🙂.

💬 Let me know how you are spending your weekend!

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