Trying something new 🥃


Hey everyone! 👋

Just a quick update on my personal life

We arrived in Romania 2 weeks ago and last 2 weeks we spent with my dad in the mountains. We were lucky that the snow was still there, so we managed to take some amazing shots!

Bucegi Mountains, Romania

Bucegi Mountains, Romania

This week we are taking a break on travel as our feet are very sore... 😁

And that's what motivated me to come up with a special "date" for me (Me Time).

Currently, I am still deciding on which day to do it, Friday or Saturday 🤔, but either way, It's 2-3 hours spent by myself doing things I really enjoy and wait for it! 🥁 Sipping on some good whiskey. 🥃

I am not much of a drinker, but I like to taste good drinks like red wine and whiskey. I went with the best reviewed whiskey on reddit for it's price, starting from the bottom up: Evan Williams.

I tried to sip it just on the rocks, but it's quite strong, so I made myself an Old Fashioned Cocktail which turned out to be quite good!

I am restricting myself to just one cocktail a week, so my little hobby doesn't turn into something else... 😬

So far, I am enjoying my Me Time while listening to this The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 🙂.

💬 Let me know how you are spending your weekend!

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