Best Documentaries (2023)


Updated: 14 February, 2023

This list will be updated each time I find a new documentary I really like!

I have been watching more and more documentaries lately, especially since I started listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joe and his guests inspired me to dig deeper into some stories and that's what I did. 😊

I have wrote a blog post specific about my favorites Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes. You can find it here if you are a fan like me. 😅

Anyway, without much fuss, here is the list! 👇

Documentaries (sorted by most liked)

As I said, this list will be updated every time I find a new documentary I really like and think it's worth including. Make sure to keep an eye on this post by bookmarking me! 👆

💬 Let me know what's your favorite documentary?

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