Starting my new blog! 🎉


Hey everyone! 👋

Today I am starting a new blog (yes, another one 😅).

Some of you might already know that I have another blog at Although I really enjoyed writing on Hashnode, I don't think it was the right platform for me to write short articles, ideas or just randomly journal through the week...

Also, I set for myself a goal to write every week day. Looking back, it was a good and a bad decision at the same time.

  • Good because I started to write a lot which really improved my writing skills and also forced me to get out of my comfort zone.

  • Bad because I set an unrealistic goal for myself. I was forcing myself to write even if I didn't feel like writing that day, essentially writing just for the sake of posting. It turned into an OCD behavior.

Also, Hashnode is a platform mostly focused on Technical blogs. But I didn't feel like writing about tech all the time. I have many thoughts during the day that are completely unrelated to tech. Sometimes I just want to share:

  • A recently read book.
  • An experience during the day.
  • Mental health advices, similar to my podcast.
  • And many more topics that doesn't fit the "Long article format on Hashnode".

My inspiration is Pat Walls who published 142 blog posts in 12 months. I really like his website. It's simple, easy to read and you can easily scroll through all his posts on the home page.

So, I decided to take the same approach. Instead of building a complex blog website, I built something very simple, almost getting the same experience as your would use a e-reader, no distractions!

Later in future posts, I will share my process of gathering thoughts, what tools I use for writing and how do I publish this beautiful 🌈 articles on my website. Make sure to bookmark me 👆.

Until then, I will see you very very soon! Thanks for reading until the end! 😊

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